Welcome to Biocomputing Unit

Developing the new generation of algorithms and software to extract biological knowledge from cryo Electron Microscopy images.

Started in 1989 and headed by Dr. Jose Maria Carazo and Carlos Oscar Sanchez Sorzano, the Biocomputing Unit (BCU) of the National Center for Biotechnology / Instruct Image Processing Center (I2PC) works in the area of cryo electron microscopy.

We develop new ways to extract information from very noisy electron microscopy images obtained under cryogenic conditions, and we integrate these new tools into advanced image processing software packages such as XMIPP and and Scipion, together with integrative biological environments such as 3DBIONOTES.

We, naturally, are the first testing and applying these new tools in projects involving the study of key biomedical systems, such as EGF Receptors in the context of the ERC-Synergy project “HighResCells” or hepatocytes polarization in “TomoXLiver”.

Biocomputing Research and Service

The research team works in new computational and experimental methodologies to solve key problems in biology and their first application to a number of key specimens. Our approach is focused on:

  • Structural Biology by cryo Electron Microscopy
  • Biomedical Information Integration
  • Scientific Computing

Our service activities are structured in the Instruct Image Processing Center(I2PC), part of the European Research Infrastructure for Structural Biology Instruct-ERIC , developing new software infrastructures for advanced image and data processing.



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