Structural Biology 2.0 : computational tools and X-ray diffraction integrated to solve and understand 3D protein structures

Date and venue:  2025, from April 21 to 30. Institut Pasteur de Montevideo (Uruguay).
All invited speakers/tutors and students from abroad will be lodged in the same hotel.
Webpage under construction: stay tuned for upcoming information!

Summary Description: The workshop will cover theory and hands-on practical work, the latter including tutorials and the students’ own data processing. 
The borders among different approaches to do research in modern Structural Biology, are quickly being blurred. Experimental data are increasingly combined with computational methods in each and every step of the way within real life Biology projects. This advanced, hands-on workshop aims at filling in the gap, avoiding separate chapters for different techniques and instead mimicking real-life research, with these different components interacting all along the process. 
World experts in X-ray crystallography and Computational approaches (3D structure prediction, Molecular Dynamics simulations) will be invited to the staff of teachers/tutors.
The workshop is conceived for 20-25 attendees: advanced graduate students, postdocs and young researchers working in Structural Biology, Protein Science and related areas.
Scholarships will be available to cover students’ costs.
Students that bring their own data (X-ray diffraction data, and/or actual novel protein structures to analyze) will be given priority at the time of appraisal.

Organization committee: Nicole Larrieux, Natalia Lisa, Matias Machado, Martin Graña, Felipe Trajtenberg, Ari Zeida, Alejandro Buschiazzo.